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Paul Davids

Paul Davids Magical Night

As a master of mind reading and magical materialization, famous film producer Paul Davids (“Roswell: The UFO Coverup”) will tease you with telepathy, make impossible predictions that come true instantly, vanish physical objects and collapse your cognitive mind into a boiling stew of melting mush. With polished confidence that scrambles all reason, Paul will escort you into the ranks of brain-boggled audiences that all exclaim in confusion:  “WHAT DID I JUST SEE?” As a member of the Academy of Magical Arts and Hollywood’s Magic Castle for 35 years, Paul will offer the same humorous razzle dazzle that has created a buzz for many years at UFO conferences that Paul attends with coins, cards, other-worldly magic props and a sneaky snake from India!

This is an uncanny performance from a UFO witness and Disclosure Advocate who produced and directed about 10 Hollywood films (some of them so controversial that MIB’s have had to tap his phones). He has written six Lucasfilm “Star Wars” sequel books and supervised production of 79 of the original Marvel “Transformers” animated episodes from an office just down the hall from the office of “Spiderman” creator Stan Lee (…well, actually WAY down the hall). How Paul has also found time to write nearly 20 books, create about 300 paintings and write poetry that might make the ghost of Edgar Allan Poe jealous is beyond our ability to explain.

Paul will perform two shows – one for victims… er, volunteers on Sunday and another for stooges…. uhm, that is, spectators, on Wednesday. The conference and magician assume no responsibility for therapy you may require after attending.

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