The Laughlin UFO Mega Conference will bring together well over 35 extraordinary scientists, researchers, and experiencers for 7 days and 8 nights of intensive education and disclosure.   This extraordinary group of people never before, nor never again, will be together at the same place and time.  Our goals for this “new” Mega Conference remain the same as my original goals for the original International UFO Congress, which I started over 30 years ago, and ran for 20 years.  In a few words, to give the world the best EVENT of the year at the most affordable price.  (Always respectfully done with no speaker competition for audience; always one presenter at a time on the Dias) We fully believe that “It does no good to present the best UFO/Paranormal Event of the year unless everyone can afford to be there.”    We vow to bring the world the most educational, revelatory, inspiring, affordable, and life changing Conference of calendar year 2020.  Always honestly produced the right way for the right reasons.  We welcome everyone, from all around the world, to join us and be part of the Laughlin UFO Mega Conference 2020!