Aquarius Hotel Resort & Casino Laughlin, Nevada (Conference Location)

1900 S. Casino Drive
Laughlin, NV 89029
Phone: 702-298-5111
FOR RESERVATIONS: 1-800-662-5825

The Aquarius 8 night hotel package is just $527 per room (1 or 2 people), inclusive of all taxes, resort fees, and parking fees.

Please book your hotel directly with The Aquarius (800) 662-5825 and use promo code: C-MUF20 for the discounted rate ($527 per room for 8 nights – inclusive of all fees).  

The Colorado Belle

The Colorado Belle (a sister hotel just a 15 minute walk up the river) 8 night hotel package is just $335 per room (1 or 2 people), inclusive of all taxes, resort fees, and parking fees.

Please book your hotel directly with The Colorado Belle  (800) 677-4837 and use the code GRUFO to receive the discounted rate ($335 per room for 8 nights – inclusive of all fees). 

Shuttle Transportation Information from Las Vegas Airport

The Vegas Airporter will give attendees a 20% discount, use discount code: UFOCON20 when paying for your shuttle. Click Here to reserve your spot.

Our Special Pricing: $44 one way or $88 round trip

Shuttle times:

Departures from the airport are at 11am, 5 pm and 9:30pm daily. 
Departures from the Aquarius will be at 6:45am, 12:45pm and 7:00pm daily. 

Departures from other hotels are similar to the Aquarius time slot but check their website for actual times.


The Laughlin UFO MEGA Conference 2020 is being held at the “out of this world Aquarius Hotel” located on the banks of the Colorado River in Laughlin Nev.  Why there?  Well, the Aquarius is really a good property for a conference.  With 2,000 hotel rooms and a great convention center seating about 1,600 people theatre style we will probably not have to turn anyone away.   Our only real limit on numbers is on the closing banquet/awards ceremony night.  When the room is set up banquet style it only seats about 800.  None the less, it is a large comfortable venue.  The food is great.  The rooms are great.  At the Aquarius we can bring you the 2020 conference for just $499 per person (early registration special) INCLUSIVE PRICE for all 8 nights and 7 days of the event. (Price includes gratuity’s & taxes for all 3 evening meal events).  You may also register a-la-carte; a speaker, a session (morning or afternoon), or a day at a time.


Most people who fly in will land at Las Vegas airport.  There are more direct flights into Vegas (offering low prices) (especially in advance) from more places in the world than any other destination.   After landing in Vegas you either take a shuttle direct to the Aquarius or Colorado Belle hotel or rent a car (one way or for the whole 8 days.)  Laughlin is about 80 minutes driving time East/S.E. out of Las Vegas, on the Colorado River where the boarders of Nevada, California, and Arizona meet. 


For many of you one important option for getting to Laughlin for the 2020 UFO Mega Conference will be to fly directly into the Laughlin airport.  There are two casinos in Laughlin that offer direct flights into Laughlin from many cities around the country!  The first we will tell you about are the direct flights offered by the Riverside Hotel, which is right next door to the Aquarius Hotel.  It takes less than 10 minutes to walk from the door of the Riverside to the door into the Aquarius. All these special flights include ground transfers to and from the hotel.  And both the round trip flight and 3 or 4 nights hotel room are included for one really low price.  The price for both the room and flight are much less than you would expect to pay for the flight alone.  They are priced from $319 to $369; depending on the departure city.  The prices offered are for two people in a room, so if you are going to use this program as a single traveler, you will have to pay an additional $50 per room single person supplement.  Still the best bargain ever!   

We will now list the departure cities for these special flights direct to Laughlin offered by the Riverside Hotel during the time of the UFO MEGA Conference.  The truth is that if you live within any reasonable drive time to any of these departure cities it will be worth it to use this low cost flight/hotel room option direct into Laughlin to drastically reduce your cost to attend the UFO Mega Conference!


2/16     Minneapolis Mn.     $339          Most of Sun, Mon, Tue, & Wed.                2/20

2/16     Sioux Falls, S.D.     $339                     as above                                        2/20

2/16     Yakima, Wa.           $329                     as above                                        2/20

2/17      Brainerd Mn.          $369          Most of Mon., Tue, Wed, & Thurs.            2/21

2/17      Albuquerque N.M.  $329                     as above                                        2/21

2/19      La Crosse Wis.       $369         Most of Wed, Thurs, & Fri.                        2/22          

2/20      Minneapolis Mn.     $339         Most of Thurs. Fri., & Sat.                         2/23

2/20      Topeka, Ks.            $339                     as above                                       2/23

2/20      Portland Or.            $329                     as above                                       2/23

These low cost flight with room deals SELL OUT REALLY FAST.  S o make your decision to be with us now!  Or, risk the plane being sold out.  You book these deals direct with the Riverside hotel.  Contact them on the web at:

or call their flight department booking agents direct at 866-202-2293.  See you there!!!


We will now go on to tell you about the flight program offered by Harrah’s Hotel Laughlin, which is owned by Caesars Entertainment group.  And unlike the Riverside flight program, which is open to everyone, the Harrah’s program is only offered to “Caesar’s Rewards” card members.  So put another way, Harrah’s flights are being offered to their customers who do at least a little gambling.  You can get your “Caesars Rewards” card for free at any of dozens of resort casinos they operate all around the world.  (Maybe you can get it on the Web.  I am not sure about that.)  So, these flights are little know to the general public, because they are mostly offered to Caesar’s Rewards members via e-mail invitation.  If you are offered the flight, it is generally offered to you free!  And, I do not think it really takes a lot of gambling to be offered these free flights to and from Laughlin.  Sometimes Caesar’s rewards members are well enough qualified to be offered the Laughlin flights, but because they go to Caesars properties on the East or South coasts; or maybe Vegas exclusively they are never offered Harrah’s Laughlin free flights because they have never been there.  BUT, here is the thing.  I am told that if you are a card member you can call them (the Total Rewards Air Department) and ASK if you can get the flight.  They check your record of gaming thru your card, and sometimes (even though you were not sent an invitation) you qualify and they will just give you the flight.  And I am also told that they will often offer you the flight for some very low price; in lieu of “free”, if you ask for it.  It gets better.  For those on the flight you can invite a friend to fly with you (at least for those invited by Harrah’s) for just $99!!!!  And everyone pays the nightly resort fee for the 4 nights hotel stay, which is about $80 or so.  An unbelievable deal if you can get in on it.  Worth a call?  I think so.  Herein follows the flight schedule during the UFO Conference.


2/14    Peoria Illinois              Free/or?      Sat 15th eve & Sun, and Mon. all day.       2/18

2/15    Raleigh N.C.               Free/or?      Sunday, Mon and Tue.                              2/19

2/16    Tucson Az.                 Free/or?      Last talk Sunday, Mon, Tue, and Wed      2/20

2/16    Grand Rapids Mi.       Free/or?      Mon, Tue and Wed.                                   2/20

2/17    Austin & Waco Tx.      Free/or?      Tue, Wed, and Thurs.                                2/21

2/17     St. Luis Mo.                Free/or?           As above.                                             2/21

2/18     Omaha  Neb.              Free/or?      Wed, Thurs, and Fri.                                 2/22

2/19    Reno Nv.                     Free/or?      Thurs, Fri, and Sat.                                   2/23

2/20    Saginaw MI.                Free/or?       Fri and Sat.                                              2/24   

More additional information.  Ground transfers are included in the above flights.  The Aquarius Hotel (where the conference is being held) is at the opposite end of the Laughlin Strip from Harrah’s.  So, you will have to take a taxi, Uber, or bus from Harrah’s to the conference and back each day.  Cost is about $2 to $10 each way.

Here are the contacts to try to get onto one of the Harrah’s Laughlin direct flights.  Phone:  1-866-986-0032.  See you there! 


The most popular way of getting to Laughlin is of course driving your own car direct.  Surprisingly, if you are driving to Laughlin from California it is almost the same distance as driving to Las Vegas. (We point this out because people who have never been to Laughlin have a mental impression that it is a couple hours longer drive than going to Vegas, when it is actually the same.)  If you are two or more coming to MEGA CON then driving directly there is an even better option for lowering cost. And from the greater Phoenix area the direct drive is only about 3 ½ hours.  And no matter where you are coming from, it is just nice to have a car when you are there for 8 nights.  And remember, PARKING IS FREE.  

Do I have to stay at the Aquarius Hotel to attend UFO MEGA Conference?  No. But this year we have an economy group program at the Aquarius’s sister hotel the Colorado Belle where your cost for 8 nights room is just $336 including all parking fees, resort fees, and taxes!!!  Not kidding, and that is for one or two people in your room!   Of course you may stay at any hotel or motel, on either side of the river to attend.  In a motor home?  Join us!  The Riverside next door has a 170 space RV Park that is very low cost.  We hope the above will help you be able to be with us in 2020 for the greatest gathering of scientist, researchers, and experiencers ever at one place & time!