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Honovi Strongdeer

Honovi Strongdeer – Star Walking Earth Guardians

Honovi Strongdeer will be presenting at the 2020 Laughlin UFO Mega Conference. Do you feel sometimes you have one foot amongst the stars and the other on Earth? That’s because you’re most likely a ‘Messenger Between Worlds’! Many of us have come to this planet to UNIFY the Earth with the Stars not choose one over the other. How do we do that? In this talk Honovi will share how to get clear and aligned with your Purpose by being guided by your passion, working with plant teachers and letting go of your ‘loveable ego’ so that you can live from and transition into 5D Awareness also known as the the path of the Heart.


Honovi Strongdeer is a New Thought Leader, Ambassador for Extraterrestrial Contact, Medicine Woman and Soul Purpose Mentor. She is also a Light Language Channel, Sound Healer, Artist and Writer. She presently lives in the Andean Mountains in Peru where she facilitates ceremonies with mother Ayahuasca bringing through information and Light Codes from the Star nation of Sirius that can help us live more soul aligned lives. Honovi empowers people to become a ‘Messenger Between Worlds’ in grounded, practical, applicable ways. As an experiencer, Honovi has been receiving communication from Starbeings since 2010 through Meditation, whilst working with plant medicines, Out of Body Experiences and Dreams. Honovi is currently putting together her international retreat in Peru called ‘STAR NATION TOURS: Unifying the Earth with the Stars’ taking place in Spring 2020. Since 2017 she has been speaking at International conferences around the world weaving together the topics of Extraterrestrial Contact, Purpose and Plant Medicine. Website: YouTube: Facebook: Instagram: