Traveling to Laughlin

There’s many ways you can get to the conference based on your budget and your location. Check them out below!

Flying into Las Vegas

(The Gateway to Laughlin)​

Most people who fly in will land at Las Vegas airport. However, please note (see below) there are several direct flights available into Laughlin during the week of the convention. Depending on where you live, these may be worth checking out as they can offer huge savings. There are more direct flights into Las Vegas (offering low prices) (especially in advance) from more places in the world than any other destination.  After landing in Vegas you either take a shuttle directly to the Aquarius or Edgewater hotel or rent a car. (One way or for the whole 7 days.)  Laughlin is about 80 minutes driving time East/S.E. out of Las Vegas, on the Colorado River, near where the boarders of Nevada, California, and Arizona meet. 

Driving to Laughlin

The most popular way of getting to Laughlin is of course driving your own car direct.  Surprisingly, if you are driving to Laughlin from California it is almost the same distance as driving to Las Vegas. (We point this out because people who have never been to Laughlin have a mental impression that it is a couple hours longer drive than going to Vegas, when it is actually the same distance when traveling from California.)  If you are two or more people coming to the Laughlin UFO Mega Conference, then driving directly there is an even better option for lowering cost. And from the greater Phoenix area the direct drive is only about 3 ½ hours.  And no matter where you are coming from, it is just nice to have a car when you are there for 7 nights.  And remember, PARKING IN LAUGHLIN IS FREE.  

Flying Directly into Laughlin

Riverside Flight Program

For many of you one important option for getting to Laughlin for the 2021 UFO Mega Conference will be to fly directly into the Laughlin airport. The Riverside Hotel, which is right next door to the Aquarius Hotel, provides flights directly to Laughlin.  It takes less than 10 minutes to walk from the door of the Riverside to the door into the Aquarius. All these special flights include ground transfers to and from the airport, to the Riverside hotel. These special flight packages include both the round trip flight and 3 or 4 nights in the Riverside hotel for one really low price.  The price for both the room and flight are generally less than what you might expect to pay for the flight alone. They are priced from  about $319 to $369; depending on the departure city and number of nights in Laughlin.  The prices offered are for two people sharing a room, so if you are going to use this program as a single traveler, you will have to pay an additional $50 per room single person supplement. There is no requirement to gamble when using these special flight programs. However, they do tend to sell out fast. Therefore, if possible, you should make your decision to take advantage of these flights as soon as the flights are posted. 

Go to their website here or call 1-800-227-3849 to book your flights. 

Caesar's Rewards Air

The Harrah’s Hotel Laughlin, is part of the Caesar’s Entertainment group. Harrah’s is at the southeast end of the Laughlin strip, about a mile from the Aquarius Hotel. Caesar’s offers a Rewards Program to those who gamble at their hotels anywhere in the world. The Rewards Program card is available for free to anyone who applies to receive one. It is not required to gamble in order to become a member. Caesar’s offers frequent flights to Harrah’s Laughlin for their card holders. Like the Riverside’s flights, most of them include 3 or 4 nights hotel stay. You may be offered these flights to Laughlin for free via an email invitation, or if you are a cardholder, you can call the Total Rewards Air Department and request a seat on a Laughlin flight as a member of their program. Depending on how much you gamble at their properties,  the flight and room may be completely free to you, or offered for a very low cost. Daily travel between Harrah’s and the Aquarius will mean wheels are necessary for most people. There is daily city bus service scheduled between Harrah’s and Aquarius. Depending on the time of day, busses run once or twice per hour. You can also use  Uber/Lyft, water taxi, or regular taxis for your daily journey between Harrah’s and the Aquarius. 

You can start checking about 6 weeks prior to the conference to find out from what states and cities they will offer direct flights to Laughlin during the week of the conference.