Ronald Kinsella

Writer | Artist | Radio show host

Session Topic

The Digital Demon

Having been a staunch sceptic of the UFO and ALIEN paradox, my values were reformed after an ironic encounter with ‘Them’ back in 1982.  In effect, this solo snatching opened a can of worms, with myself struggling to comprehend the significance of it, along with trying to separate the wheat from the chaff during assessment.  In doing so, I have formulated some remarkably interesting insights into these things we call ‘Alien,’ and of which may span right back to the Holy Grail of UFO enigmas … that of the claimed 1947 Roswell Crash in New Mexico.  This study includes notables in a drive to gain answers regarding this perplexing mystery.   

Speaker Bio

Ronald Kinsella is a writer, artist and hosts a radio show ‘TWIN SOULS’ along with his identical twin brother, Philip, which is part of ‘The Paranormal UK Radio Network.’  He has been studying the UFO subject for many years.