Philip Kinsella

Award-winning medium | Author |Radio show host

Session Topic

The Greys & Abduction Phenomenon Revealed: Some New Theories

‘What are the Greys?  Where do they come from?  Why are they interested in humans, along with our reproductive cycles?  Bringing forward some revolutionary new theoretical perspectives of the Greys and the reason for their illusive nature.  We must now think outside the box concerning the physical nature of reality.  The Greys offer us varied clues as to their true genus, and most of these point towards the continuation of consciousness, the afterlife, and aspects of reincarnation – attributes which the Greys deem necessary towards their own development as a species.  We must enter uncomfortable territory and consider new horizons of research if we are to make any sense of what is really going on concerning abductions and the Greys.’ 

Speaker Bio

 Philip Kinsella is an award-winning medium and has appeared on national television and international radio.  He has authored varied books and many articles on not only UFOs, but also aspects of the afterlife.  He, along with his identical twin brother, Ronald, host their own radio show which is part of the ‘Paranormal UK Radio Network’ called ‘Twin Souls’.  Philip has been researching consciousness along with the bigger question of life for over 35 years to discover why the ‘System’ we serve has deliberately hidden such controversial subjects surrounding the afterlife and other forms of interdimensional realities.  Several experiences concerning UFOs and an alien abduction back in the winter of 1989 sent him on a quest to discover the truth.  He was also credited in presenting a published article in ‘Alien Encounters’ magazine in 1996 which centered around a revolutionary new speculation concerning the abduction hypothesis, along with the Greys.