Jonny Enoch

World-renown esoteric researcher, clinical hypnotherapist and writer

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Jonny Enoch is a world-renown esoteric researcher, clinical hypnotherapist and writer from Vancouver, Canada. His cutting-edge investigations into lost ancient civilizations, ET contactees, and unexplained phenomena has been featured numerous times on Coast 2 Coast, Fade 2 Black, Gaia, and the Travel Channel. His work reveals an intelligent blueprint found within world religions and ancient symbolism while exploring quantum physics, the multiverse, and consciousness. In his numerous travels to megalithic sites, he has discovered evidence for giants, advanced machining and subterranean civilizations.


June 6-12, 2021

Our annual Laughlin UFO Mega Conference has been rescheduled to June 6th-12th, 2021 due to the new COVID event regulations in the state of Nevada. Thank you for your understanding as we are committed to bringing this incredible event to you this year!