Nightly Sky Watches

Our MEGA Conference Skywatches will be held on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday nights.  Attendance is a maximum of 25 people per night.  Therefore, advance purchase of your ticket is highly recommended.  The Watches will be led this year by Michael of Sedona.  For those of you who do not know Michael; please allow us to tell you a few things about him.  First, and most important, is that Michael is an extraordinary contactee in his own right.  He has been given a lot of high powered information from the group facilitating his contacts; and he will share some of that with you during your evening.  This alone may be worth more than your cost for the Skywatch!  You won’t forget your time with Michael!  He is also the largest, and highest rated, Skywatch tour operator in Sedona Az., and he brings all generation #3 night vision goggles to his watches.

The cost for attending is $40 per person.  There is always at least one person from our Speaker line up attending with each night’s group. (A nice bonus for all of you.)  The time frame is approximately 90 minutes.  About 10+ minutes to drive to the petroglyph site in Christmas Valley.  About 1 hour on the watch.  About 10+ minutes to drive back. 
Please meet at the registration desk by 7:45pm.  We try for an 8:15 pm “caravan” departure from the Aquarius.  The site is in a valley above Laughlin near the ancient petroglyph site.  It has very little light pollution.  An ideal spot for your Skywatch.  As some of our guests have flown in to the conference, and don’t have cars, we ask that those of you with cars take a few people along with you; out and back.