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Michael Telstarr

Michael Telstarr – Mentalist Performance

Michael Telstarr will be performing at this years UFO Conference during the Wednesday night Cocktail Party. He was born on Friday July 13th.  He holds 7 World Records in Escapology.  He is the youngest person to perform “Houdini’s Water Cell Torture Escape” at the age of seventeen.  He strongly believes in mind over matter and the belief we are more than our physical selves. Michael has attended the Monroe Institute and  did the Gateway and Trainer’s Program. He has also attained his Remote Viewing Certificate in Co-ordinate, Extended, and Masters of Remote Viewing with David Morehouse. Michael was an escape artist under the name “Scott Free” in his early years performing. He has done upside-down straight-jacket escapes in public, sometimes hanging 90 feet in mid-air.

Michael Telstarr has been a our UFO Conference before and continues to awe and  bedazzle people in his private and public appearances as a master paranormalist of energy manipulation. He will demonstrate remote touching, remote telekinesis,remote telepathy. among other abilities be prepared to witness the seeming impossible.

He is also available to do lectures and seminars for any events, or groups.

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