2020 UFO Mega Conference Speakers

Honovi Strongdeer – Star Walking Earth Guardians

Do you feel sometimes you have one foot amongst the stars and the other on Earth? That’s because you’re most likely a ‘Messenger Between Worlds’! Many of us have come to this planet to UNIFY the Earth with the Stars not choose one over the other. How do we do that? In this talk Honovi will share how to get clear and aligned with your Purpose by being guided by your passion, working with plant teachers and letting go of your ‘loveable ego’ so that you can live from and transition into 5D Awareness also known as the the path of the Heart.

Dr Paul LaViolette – Lifting the Veil

Paul will discuss how during the 50’s and 60’s the U.S. secret space program had boosted their multi kilometer long spacecraft into space for use in the Solar Warden effort. He will show ET communication signals that are being sent to us and that were deciphered as early as 40 years ago and their astounding message to planet Earth. There are ET time capsule messages that were implanted in ancient creation myths and esoteric lore such as the Tarot and astrology that convey an advanced science to humanity. Showing constellation myths that convey key dates of cataclysms that occurred during the ice age. Finally, Paul will cover how the secret space program may have a technology capable of transporting spacecraft across our Galaxy or beyond in the blink of an eye. Worm holes or Stargates, which is it?